HPL Large Capacity

Non-Porous Hand Printers

Model Shown: HPL-100NI-NP

HPL-100NI-NP & HPL-200NI-NP Non-Indexing, Non-Porous Hand Printers

Non-indexing models are recommended for printing codes multiple times down long lengths of material. With one printing die installed on the print drum, codes will print at a repeat interval of 18". Multiple printing dies can be installed on the print drum for closer print repeat intervals.

HPL-100-NP & HPL-200-NP Indexing, Non-Porous Hand Printer

The indexing models utilizes a unique cam indexing mechanism to return the print drum to the same starting position when the coder is lifted away from the surface being marked. For coding long lengths of material, the print drum will continue to roll forward since no positive stop is used. A pair of sealed ball bearings provide smooth rotation and durability in production marking applications. These models are typically used to print individual parts where print registration is required.