Universal's early entry into the production of stencil roller applicators and replacement rollers placed the company in the forefront of the stencil equipment industry. Over the years, major investments in manufacturing technology have enabled Universal to produce a superior product at competitive prices. Replacement stencil rollers are cut from foam slabs using an Ultra High Pressure CNC Waterjet Cutting System. The foam sleeves are bonded to cores using a 2-part epoxy for a solvent resistant bond. All rolls are then precision ground between centers for perfect concentricity. Every roll is thoroughly inspected to ensure that it meets our high quality control standards.
Roll-A-Stencil Jr. Roller Applicators are manufactured with light weight aircraft grade aluminum wire frames and ergonomic enameled birch handles. These 2" diameter roller units are available in three standard roller widths, 1.5", 3" and 6". Designed for stenciling economy, these units can be used with both porous and non-porous stencil inks. Ink is applied to a JR-50 Roller Pad which serves as a supply reservoir. The roller is rolled across the pad where it absorbs enough ink for many impressions. Perfect for stenciling on metal drums, pipe, steel plate, crates, etc.

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JR-50 Roller Pads are used as an ink supply reservoir for reinking the Roll-A-Stencil Jr. roller applicators. These 4.5" x 7" roller pads feature an enameled steel box with a hinged lid. Designed for use with alcohol base stencil inks, the hinged lid seals tightly when not in use to prevent solvent evaporation.
Replacement Stencil Rollers are available in standard and custom sizes. Standard sizes for the Roll-A-Stencil Jr. units are 2" diameter and available in 1.5", 3.0" and 6.0" lengths. These rolls are manufactured from the highest quality firm density open cell neoprene foam. These rolls glide over the stencil rotating on solid delrin bushings. Replacement rolls are supplied in a parafin lined unit enclosures to keep the roll fresh after use with fast drying inks.

Press Button Fountain Rollers are recommended for high volume stenciling applications. These stencil roller units have an ink reservoir in the handle which feeds ink to the roller when the valve button is pressed. A felt wick in the roller head wipes ink completely across the face of the foam roll which results in nearly instantaneous response when more ink is needed. A threaded filling cap on the end of the handle is removed for filling. Recommended for use with Type P ink for porous surfaces. Can also be used with Type D Ink for non-porous surface stenciling.