Reciprocating Coders are basically pneumatically operated rubber stamping machines. This type of coder is normally used to apply small date or product codes on individual products in applications where contact roll coders cannot be used. The Kortho Hot Quick Coder is capable of marking on products in motion at speeds up to 60 meters per minute (196 fpm) and at cycle rates up to 300 prints per minute. The printed codes dry instantly on both porous and non-porous surfaces and provide a high contrast, opaque mark.

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Kortho's New Digital Hot Quick Coders utilize a unique hot ink system. Dry to the touch ink rolls are heated inside the coder which makes the ink fluid. These coders are capable of marking on products in motion at speeds up to 196 feet per minute (60 meters per minute). The hot ink impressions dry instantly at normal room temperatures. A removable type block with a 12mm x 24mm print area enables codes to be set up off-line using a special high temperature Ribtype. A unique feature of the Hot Ink system is that the impressions can be made right through condensation or moisture on the product surface. This provides an ideal coding solution for marking frozen food packages and water bottles.
Kortho Hot Quick Coders with the old style Analog Control are still supproted but the analog controls are no longer in production. If complete control replacement becomes necessary on one of these older systems, the new digital control will work with the old print heads but it does require replacement of the heating element assembly. Manuals and parts lists for these systems are available through the links below.